Creating a Wedding and Event Venue


Hi, I’m Karrie.

Have you ever just wanted to have a beautiful, soul nourishing place that people come to and leave feeling happier? For a long time now I’ve dreamed of having such a place. I’ve always wanted to name it Stone Creek Farm, I’ve wanted it to be a place for weddings and family gatherings. I have also wanted it to include a herb garden where kids can touch and smell all the different types of herbs. I want to have flowers growing everywhere so those same kids can pick a bouquet for their mothers.Josie, Topatopa princessđŸ˜‰

This past year my husband, Ron and I sold our home in Ventura and purchased a beautiful piece of property in Upper Ojai. It is nestled under the majestic Topatopa Mountains. Finally my dreams were starting to take shape. We moved all our earthly possessions onto the property and prepared to build our dream.

About six weeks after making our move to our new property the Thomas Fire burned through, taking all our belongings with it and leaving behind a burned, scarred landscape. This blog is about moving forward, getting back on our journey towards having that beautiful place that makes people happier. There are scarrs, but there is still beauty and hope for creating and realizing our dream.

I will be blogging about all the steps we take to get there, please follow us on our journey.