Reaching Out

Today I spoke to a local wedding and event planner. I figured I should probably find out what a professional planner looks for in a venue.

As luck would have it, Ruby, at Ruby”s Rustic Weddings and Events is a friend of a friend, so I felt like I had an “in” with her. You have to understand that I’m the poster child for “call reluctance”. Our phone conversation was such an encouragement to me.  Ruby knows what is needed in a venue, she has so much experience and is so creative.

We talked about exciting things like parking, restrooms, landscaping and so much more, it really was exciting. Nothing we spoke about sounded like a deal killer. Well… we did talk about getting permits… that’s not exciting, but it’s necessary. So I guess the next step is talking to the “powers that be” to find out what is required to be all legal and legit.

I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. check out Ruby’s website at

This is one of Ruby’s awesome signs

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