Venue Inspiration

This first group of pictures are of a venue I visited near Battle Creek Michigan. The name of it is Southern Exposure…. I know, a wedding venue is not what I think of with that name, however it is such a beautiful place. I visited it at least 3 times while Ron was working in the area. They had multiple wedding sites on the property as well as a gift shop. They also offer cooking classes, various garden related workshops and travel adventures. It is also a herb farm, a fact that I love. I definitely found lots of inspiration at this venue. IMG_5678



This next place is a herb farm in Fredericksburg Texas. Although I don’t think it is an event venue, it is still inspiring. It is named Fredericksburg Herb Farm. My sister, Trina and I stayed there on a fun sisters weekend away. They have a bunch of cute little “Sunday Houses” you stay in, complete with a porch swing and rockers on the front porch. there is also a restaurant and day spa.




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