If you’re the praying kind…


I wasn’t sure what pictures to use with todays blog post. I considered a picture of me and Ron looking all sad and forlorn or perhaps a picture of Ventura County Planning Department with a sad face over it…

Here’s the bottom line, even though our property is zoned to allow a wedding venue, we need what they call a “Discretionary Use Permit”. It is a long and expensive process that involves jumping through a lot of hoops, health, safety, fire, noise pollution, light pollutions etc… and to top it off, a public hearing with all of our neighbors invited to give their input. We found out that some neighbors further up Koenigstein from us tried for 4 years to get a permit. It cost them about $18,000 and ended with them being denied a permit. So needless to say we are feeling very discouraged right now.

So, as I said in the title of this post… If you’re the praying kind, please pray for us. Pray that if God so desires, that this dream will become a reality.


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