My Visits to Waco Texas






I’ve had the opportunity to have visited Waco Texas three times now. I will have to say that I love this town in the heart of Texas. There is so much to see. Of course, I love all things Magnolia, Joanna Gaines is extremely talented in everything she does. I have visited the Silos and Magnolia Table. Both are well worth the time to visit. I have found creative inspiration in both places.

Here are some pictures that I took at the Silos and Magnolia Table.





However, there is so much more to see and do in Waco. Another amazing place to visit is the Heritage Homestead. The Heritage Homestead is an agrarian and craft based intentional Christian community. (I took that directly from their website) The Homestead is 550 acres and is home to numerous families. The homestead has been showcased on HGTV’s Fixer Upper many times, that is how I first learned of it.

There is a cafe at the homestead that has amazing food. Make sure you save room for dessert, they’re all homemade and delicious. Their crafts include wood working, pottery, quilting, fiber arts, metal working and soap making. You can watch the artisans is each of the different workshops doing their crafts with great skill.

There is also a gristmill complete with a waterwheel where they grind their grains. I really enjoy standing in the mill listening to the sound of the belts and wheels turning, it’s a very peaceful soothing sound.

There is so much more at the homestead that I’m certain I haven’t mentionsed. If you ever go to Waco set aside a whole day just for exploring this wonderful place. It is definitely filled with all kinds of inspiration and really nice people.

Here are some pictures of the homestead.

You might be asking yourself what all this stuff has to do with creating a wedding and event venue? Well, for me it is all about the inspiration. I love seeing what people have created. Whenever I go someplace and come away with new ideas and a renewed excitement to go home and create something wonderful at Stone Creek, I consider that something that is well worth my time. It’s all homework and a whole bunch of fun.


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