The Barn

Barn Front Drawing

Ron and I have been working on the plans for our barn/house. We are pretty darn excited about it! The above drawing is one I did, along with some others I’ll show you in a minute. The upstairs of the barn will be our living quarters (Ron is checking into an elevator) and the downstairs will be garage, shop and Lord willing, the venue reception area.

The barn is actually a kit that we are purchasing from a company named Barn Pros in Washington state. I found them on Pinterest. Every time I would do a search for barn ideas, the prettiest ones that popped up where usually Barn Pro barns. They have been awesome to work with. If you’re in the market for an outbuilding or house contact Barn Pros and tell them Karrie referred you.

Here are a couple pictures of their barns. The one on the right is similar to our plan. Our barn will also have those cute architectural Timber Trusses at the ends of the roof like the barn on the left.

These are the drawings of the other elevations of the barn.

Here is the floor plan.


Detailed drawing of the kitchen. There will also be a big island.

Barn Kitchen

That’s where we are with the barn. We are hoping to get the plans to plan check within the next week or so. I’m not certain how long before we can actually start construction, but we are making forward progress on our dream.


4 thoughts on “The Barn”

  1. Love it!! Can’t wait to see the pictures as it progress!! Prayers for you and hugs too! P.S. I think that architectural thingy at the top is a cupola 😉


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