DIY Beach Bag

Let’s make a beach/everything bag…

Today on the blog I want to do a tutorial for these super cute and useful bags. My inspiration for these bags came from one I purchased at Magnolia Market last month when I was in Waco. The bag I bought looked like it was made from a canvas throw rug. So a quick trip to Home Goods and Marshalls produced these three throw rugs that I used for my bags. I got these rugs for $12.99 each and the cotton webbing for the straps came from Hobby Lobby. The webbing was $1.74 a yard, however I used my 40% off coupon for the purchase. I used a little less than 4 yards for each bag. Make sure you use a good quality thread for this project, I used Gutermann sew-all thread and a heavy duty needle. The last bit of advice is that you’ll want to sew every seam twice to make your bag really strong.

Here is a picture of my inspiration bag from Magnolia Market.


Here we go… My first tutorial!

Step one:

Lay the rug face up on a flat surface and pin the webbing in place. I started in the middle of the rug and worked my way around placing the webbing 10″ in from the edges and allowing 24″ for the handle loops.IMG_7425 2

Step two:

Sew webbing on using a zig zag stitch. Making certain to back stitch over the raw end at the start and also at each handle.

Step three:

Put right sides together making certain that the handles are out of the way and pin along side seams. Using a straight stitch sew side seams twice.

Step four:

Let’s see if I can explain this step… We want to make the bottom of the bag flat, so we are going to pinch the corners in and stitch them to make this happen. If you do it right the side seam will be directly in the center of the triangle that is formed by pinching in the corner. Measure down 3″ from the point and draw a line straight across with chalk. Slowly and carefully sew across your chalk line. See photo… maybe that will help explain it. Remember to sew this twice, going slow through all the bulk made by the seams. (I did bend a couple needles at this step)

Step five:

Turn your bag right side out and you are done! You now have a beautiful everything bag… Enjoy!

Until next time…


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