IMG_7741Who knew Galveston was an island? (it still is by the way…)

Honestly, before we came to Galveston to work for the first time in 2014, I had no idea Galveston was an Island. I thought it was just another Texas city like Dallas or Houston. This is now the second job Ron has had here and I’ll have to say, I really like it here. The picture above is the Galveston Pleasure Pier.

It’s pretty laid back, true island life around here. Most of our neighbors in the RV park are retired couples from the colder climates. It’s common to see license plates from Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho and the Dakotas. Also, some from Canada. Most people are here escaping the cold.

Cruise ships come and go from the port. One of my favorite restaurants, Fisherman’s Wharf, is right next to where the ships dock. I love sitting on the deck watching the ships go by (that kinda reminds me of a song). I often see dolphins swim by as well.

There are many beautiful old cemeteries on the island. The statuary in them are incredible. There are also other note worthy statues on the island. Here are a couple of them.

The downtown district is old and beautiful. One of the buildings is even said to have cannonball indents from the Mexican American War. Sorry, I did not get a picture of it.

There are many beautiful old churches and homes on the Island.

Last time we were here for a job, I had an opportunity to tour the Bishop’s Palace and the Moody Mansion.  The first picture is the exterior of the Moody Mansion, the rest are the interior of the Bishop’s Palace. I couldn’t find any of my pictures of the Moody Mansion interior, sorry.

IMG_7714 2

There are many new beach front homes. I think that is probably because hurricane Ike wiped out all the old ones. These beach homes are usually the prettiest colors.


Last, but not least is our little bit of Galveston. Our home away from home at the Stella Mare RV Resort.

There you have it, a very incomplete tour of Galveston Texas.

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