Stone Creek Market Place

If I build it, will you come?


Pretty much if I’m not doing something creative I feel like I’m gonna burst! However, that leaves me with a lot of stuff  I’ve made and that I need an outlet for. Now, if I could make some money with all this stuff that would make Ron a happy man since he is the one that bank rolls my creativity.

What do you think? Would having a Market once or twice a year at Stone Creek Farm be something any of you would be interested in coming to? If so, what kinds of things would you like to see for sale? I’m going to post a bunch of pictures of things I’ve made in the past. I would love for you to leave me a comment on what you like and anything else that you think would be good to include in my Market. Thank you in advance for your input.

There’s the clock face up above and now for all the other random things I’ve made.

Flower pots with rosemary topiary and pottery houses planted with succulents. I just got the bowl, cup and houses back from the kiln.






Soap, bath bombs too (not pictured)


Beach Bags






I’m certain there are more things I’ve made, but I’m drawing a blank. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Also, the soap that I’ve been making will be for sale soon! I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time…



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