Living in the “Here and Now”


This isn’t my “dream”, but it is my life

If you have read my home page on my blog you know that Ron’s and my dream is to be at home developing our property into an event venue and herb farm. Well… and a lot of other things, such as avocados, olives and grapes. Also, we want to have goats and chickens. Those are the dreams we are working towards.

Our life currently looks a lot different. Ron’s job takes us all over the States. When we first started traveling for Ron’s job, my mind-set was that this is just temporary, I’ll put my life on hold for a bit and then get back to living our “real life”. That was six years ago. It finally dawned on me last year that this IS my life and I had better start living it. I have been making an effort to settle in quickly where ever we happen to be. Find a church, make some friends and this last job, I started taking pottery classes. I even decorated the trailer for Christmas this last year. Of course the Thomas Fire did a number on Christmas for us this year, but that’s another story.

We live full-time in a forty-foot fifth wheel. We do get to come home for a bit between jobs, but we are in the trailer most of the time. I am very grateful for my trailer, It’s nice to have “home” with us where ever we go. Here is a peek inside. Yes, Ron remodeled the bathroom and put a jacuzzi tub in it for me, he’s the BEST.


Ron pulls the fifth wheel and I pull a cargo trailer… and that’s how we roll.IMG_7949 2 Ron usually gets our dog, Dakota, for company and I get my cat, Dora. As you can clearly see, they are very high-strung travelers… not!

We have driven through ice, snow and dust storms. Not my favorite…let’s just say… there have been tears. We have had blow-outs on the trailer and I caught a baseball sized rock in Oklahoma from a passing truck. Overall though it is pretty amazing to see the country and live in different states.

There are things that are difficult for me living like this, I find myself “homesick” for whatever place I’m not. Strange, but true. When we are away on a job, I miss home… friends and family, the kids and grand babies. Also, now that we have the property, I want to be there pursuing our Stone Creek Farm dream. When I’m home, I sometimes long for the solitude I have when we are away. I have a lot of time to myself to do whatever I want. I need to follow the Apostle Paul’s example and learn to be content in whatever circumstance I find myself.

On the up side, it’s so much fun when friends and family come to visit us.


I’m working on a balance of living in the here and now, and at the same time pursuing our dreams for the future.

This is my life… I am content (at least trying to be)

1 thought on “Living in the “Here and Now””

  1. I love keeping up with you here and appreciate your honesty and pursuit of
    Contentment. I want to hang out next time you are in Ventura and see your property too.


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