Beauty From Ashes


We have been home at Stone Creek Farm for almost a week now! It’s so good to be here. The physical scars on the landscape from the Thomas Fire are still apparent, but there are wild flowers here and there around the property, which are a joy to see.


My Olive Tree

I was especially excited to see that the old olive tree that burned in the fire shows signs of life. I really didn’t think it would, the trunk burned all the way down into the ground and then split apart. The first picture is pre-fire, the second picture I just took. Maybe in fifty years or so it will look like it did…

To keep or not to keep

I still have a pile of “keepsakes” I pulled out of the ashes after the fire. Literally, I sat in the burned out shipping container that had held all our stuff, on Christmas day and sifted through the moulds of ashes. Not much was left though, even a fireman friend of ours that lost their home as well, said he was surprised at how little there was left to find. Anyway, I have a small pile that includes a couple of my grandmother Josephine’s teacups, a few teapots and Ron’s bronzed baby booties and hand print. They are all damaged beyond repair, but recognizable. I can’t bring myself to throw them away. I don’t like to look at them either. It breaks my heart every time I see them. For now I guess they will continue to sit in the pile where I left them that day.


There were three little figurines that survived the fire with just a bit of discoloration. I have no idea why these three survived and none of the other pieces just like them didn’t make it. I  am grateful to have them though and each one now has a prominent place in Darla, the name our grand babies gave our fifth wheel. A dear woman from our church gave me a box of bibles and devotionals. It’s nice to have books around again and they look so pretty with the figurines.


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