Growing things and statues

This week I want to share some pictures of some trees God planted and some things I’ve planted. I’ll have to say He’s a better gardener than I am, but He has been at it longer 😉

I wanted to include some pictures of our creek area where wild penstemon grows. At least I think that is what it is. The hummingbirds love them.

Always a favorite view of the TopaTopas.



Some random tree and valley views. Ojai Lavender Farm is there in the distance….super nice people.Here are a few of my potted plants and statues.

This guy got a little too close to the flames

My first lavender on the farm

I’m thinking brushetta, yummy…

All of my statuary came through the fire pretty much unscathed. Although the back side of my sweet bird house I got when we lived in Knights Ferry did get its backside charred 😩

All in all things are shaping up…

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