The Pottery Shed

Construction begins

This last month Ron and I have been working on building my pottery studio. We found some old tongue and groove subfloor at a local lumberyard. He gave us a great deal on it because he wanted to get rid of it… score for us😊

Here are some pictures I took along the way.

I think I’ve killed him😬

The front door is one of a pair we found in Galveston on Craig’s List. We used the other one on the side of the shed for our garden tool storage area.

Close to completion

After a long 3 weeks we almost have the shed completed. It still needs a roof, but everything else is finished.

Move in day🎉

Josie and Dallan helped me carry stuff up to the shed from our “work” fifth wheel. Check out Josie’s sweet flip flops… I think they must be her momma’s🤦‍♀️

A peek inside

Ron helped me make this work bench from the remainder of the headboard I found on the curb down the road. We made a farm table with the four posters that went to it. The farm table is not for inside the shed, it would take up the whole shed!

I found this wash tub at an antique store in town. I gave it a fresh coat of paint and stenciled the French label on it.
Here’s my wheel…

Some finishing touches

And did you notice that Ron let me have shiplap?❤️

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