On the road again…


Switching gears

Last week I was in Northern California for my parents sixtieth wedding anniversary, this week I’m in Carlsbad New Mexico with Ron for his job. I’m not talking about switching gears like from first gear to second gear, I’m talking about going from full speed ahead to slamming it in reverse.  Ron got a call last Sunday on our way home to the Farm from up north and here we are six days later in New Mexico. We had to wrap up all our projects at home, pack up the trailer and Ron even got a root canal all in that time. Fun!

Some pretty scenery along the way

I snapped some pictures on the trip, here are a few for your viewing pleasure.




Carlsbad New Mexico

This is the Pecos River. Carlsbad is built along it’s banks. There are some pretty parks along the river that I’ll need to checkout.

I also drove up the hill to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. I didn’t tour them yet… just scoping things out. The view was pretty awesome from up there.

I always google the retail stores of any town to which we are headed. If it has a Walmart, I know I can survive, sad, but true.

If it has a Target store I do a little dance and a Starbucks is icing on the cake!

Well, Carlsbad has a Walmart and a Starbucks… two out of three isn’t too bad.

Yes, those are bugs on my windshield… I couldn’t possibly stop and take the picture, I would look like a tourist from California!

I also found out that there is a Target store in Roswell, 70 miles to the North and a Hobby Lobby 70 miles to the East in Hobbs. I’m seeing day trips in my future.😉Maybe I’ll get to see aliens while I’m in Roswell!

Over all…

Over all this area reminds me of North Dakota where we were a couple years ago. There is a lot of oil in the area. There are so many men working here in the oil fields that we are having a hard time finding a long-term RV spot. We are currently in a KOA, but they only allow you to stay up to 21 days, so I continue to scope out potential spots around the area. There are even “man camps” here like in North Dakota. These are HUGE camps filled with single wide mobile homes that the oil companies develop so their workers have a place to live. For those of you who have seen the movie “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” (I would not recommend it) but, if you have seen it, you’ll know what I mean when I say that I’m a “Ten” here in Carlsbad, Ha Ha!

Making this place home

We have been here four days and I’m starting to feel a little bit settled. The  trailer is vacuumed, the floor felt like I was walking on a beach. You’d be surprised how much dust comes out of it’s nooks and crannies when you’ve been on the road. I also got my fence set up so Dakota and Dora can go in and out through their pet door. They love to be outside watching all the activity in the RV park. Dakota was kind enough to go outside to show you his yard.

…and I think I have found a couple of friends already! They seem nice…


I’ll let you know…

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