Greetings from Carlsbad!

Hello there…

This guy welcomes me every time I pull into the RV park. The main entrance is closed because of road construction so we come in through a side lot that has a fireworks stand, Mr. W’s fireworks stand, he rules!

Our little slice of New Mexico

I found us a long-term RV spot at a park in town. I was out driving around and saw a phone number for RV spots on the side of a building. I made a U-turn and went into the office building to see if anyone knew about the RV spots. God worked out the timing perfectly, the woman who manages the park had just pulled in at the same time I did. She was super nice, gave me the address to go check it out. The place is awesome! They had just added 30 spots, they are still working on the landscaping, it’s going to be nice.IMG_9087



I brought my pottery wheel in the box trailer. I haven’t set it up yet, maybe next week. I found a ceramic studio in Carlsbad that can fire my pieces for me! YAY!

I did take the time to paint my lounge chairs. They had faded so much and looked so bad. They were expensive though so I didn’t want to toss them.


Flowers, check.

I bring along metal buckets and resin flowerpots on the road. They are light and don’t break. Finding plants in Carlsbad was not easy, but between Lowes and Wal-Mart I was able to get some.

What! Ron got the whole weekend off!

We decided to go check out Carlsbad Caverns. I was a bit nervous going down the 750 feet into the cavern, but I did it! We did decide to take the elevator instead of the hike in through the actual cave entrance.


Good bye for now…

Here’s a pretty sunset for you and a cute little road runner that visited Ron out at the job site.


IMG_9049 2

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