Wow! It’s Wednesday again!

Wednesdays are supposed to be blog post days…

I don’t know if I’ve been consistent enough for you all to realize I post on Wednesdays? That is the goal however 😉

This last week I have been down and out most of it with a kidney infection. It started out as a bladder infection that I thought I could kick on my own… well, it kicked back😩 The worst part of it was the fever, because it brought chills, body ache and a TERRIBLE headache. I kept myself iced down with Yeti ice packs and water bottles. I finally started antibiotics on Thursday, within 24 hours I was starting to feel better.

On a happy note, once the fever and headache left I also found that my head felt quiet and calm inside. At first I thought that it was just back to “normal” after all the pain and crazy dreams you can get with a fever. I know I’ve shared about my depression, but I have also suffered with crazy anxiety in the last few years. Since the fever left me on last Friday I have been completely anxiety free! I’m calling it a miracle and a gift from God😍 I like it😊

I’ll share a picture of when I was at my “best”, just don’t use it to blackmail me later.

Cloud watching…

As you can imagine the infection left me weak, so the weekend was spent cloud watching. There were some good ones!

A trip to Roswell…

Ron got some time off and took me to Roswell New Mexico on Tuesday. We had an awesome lunch and I got to shop at Hobby Lobby and Target! What a day!😁

Also, fun fact! The street lights in Roswell have alien eyes on them👍

Until next week, or so….

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