Wood Working ❤️

Ron got a hobby!

Ron has been wanting a creative outlet for a while. His current job has more “normal” hours which has given Ron some spare time to pursue his creative side. After a quick trip to Harbor Freight my mobile pottery studio looks more like a wood shop, but I’m okay with that😊👍

New hobby for me too…

I have found that I like making stuff out of wood too. My stuff isn’t as fancy as Ron’s, but I’m enjoying the process. However, I’m not sure it’s safe for Ron to be in the shop/studio with me while I’m working on stuff! I shot several blocks out of the sander at his head!🤪

A look at some of our stuff…

I’ll start with my creations 👍

First, I made wood cream to put on our creations. Bee’s wax, mineral oil and lemon essential oil.

And now my wooden endeavors.

Who knew, but blocks are deceptively hard to make. I’m missing some fingernails and skin from my time at the sander with them, besides almost embedding one in Ron’s forehead 😂

Ron’s Stuff

Our ever present helper…

…and some shameless advertising!

Ron says, ” It’s not too early to get your orders in for Christmas!”

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