Visitors from afar

IMG_9629Family stopped by…

This last week my sister, Trina and my brother-in-law, Kevin swung through Carlsbad. They have been traveling through the States and Canada since September 11th. Kevin is newly retired so the two decided on a road trip to celebrate his retirement. They are headed home to California now, but we had a fun couple of days to visit. We had a tea party too!


Trina always makes an effort to come visit me when we are out on a job. We have had a lot of fun over the years. I was so sad and homesick when Ron first started this job, it’s hard leaving friends and family behind, but it’s so fun when they can come for a visit.

That’s funny, looking back at the pictures I’m always on the left. It must be that younger sibling thing… I looked for more pictures from each of the States she has visited me, but couldn’t find all the visits. Boo… We have explored parts of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and now New Mexico.

Thank you Trina and Kevin for making my week. You’re the best!


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