Yes, I’m still alive…


It’s been awhile since I’ve been here on my blog. Ron and I went home to “The Farm” for Thanksgiving and I got to stay until New Years day🎉

I am a creature who loves routine, as soon as I’m out of my routine I become a scattered mess.🤦‍♀️ Even when it’s something good, like going home for a prolonged visit.

So, that’s the excuse I am going to use for neglecting my blog.

While I was home…

I got to spend time with family while I was home. We hosted a “Cousin Christmas Camp” at the farm. My sister, Trina, is the Greatest! She organized three days of Christmas activities for the grand babies. Only Hunter and Madeline were unable to attend. The age range was one month to eight years old.

The kids had a blast even with one of them having to go get stitches in his hand and the nasty sickness that was going around hitting a few of the attendees.

There were eighteen of us there and five RV’s. A good time was had by most😏

Pottery time…

Since my pottery wheel is here in New Mexico with me, I joined a pottery studio in Ojai while I was home to continue practicing my skills.

I enjoyed meeting other potters and managed to make about twenty pieces.

The pieces in the oddly framed bottom photo didn’t get their final firing done before I had to leave, but my daughter, Kelsey, will pick them up for me when they are done.

Avocado trees…

We planted twenty avocado trees while Ron was home for Christmas. We are pretty excited about them. Not only are they delicious and a good source of income, they will provide some privacy that we lost with the Thomas Fire.

Stone Creek Farm is shaping up!

…and back to New Mexico

I dropped Ron off at the airport on New Year’s Day so he could be back at work on the second of January.

Then I headed to San Diego for a quick visit with our son’s family.

It’s always good to get snuggles in with these sweet babies.

Then it was back on the road to New Mexico. Now I’m trying to settle back into the routine that I have here on the job.

My life is kind of crazy… just about the time I settle into a routine in one place, I move to another place. I think God is trying to teach me to be a bit more flexible and not such a scattered mess😉

Until next time…

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