Stone Creek Farm “Vintage”

I’m back in New Mexico, but my heart is still at the farm.

Today I spent time creating a “vintage postcard” graphic for Stone Creek. I have always loved the way these look, so I decided to try and make one. All in all I’m pretty happy with it. I think I’ll put it on some t-shirts to start with.


While I was home we ended up getting baby bunnies ❤️

Kelsey and Sam get the responsibility of taking care of them… I get to hold them and love them when I’m home, then leave the work to Kelsey. It’s a pretty sweet deal for me!

They are Lion Head bunnies. They will have super long, fluffy manes. Super cute. We are going to try raising them to see if we can make them pay for themselves. If nothing else they are a great addition to our petting zoo.

New creations

I posted this sugar and creamer on Social Media, so some of you will have seen it already. I’m working on making more of them to sell.

Also, I tried my hand at making a vase.

It’s different from my usual style, but one like it caught my eye online, so I had to try and make one ☺️

Did I ever post pictures of my tulip crates I made last month? I can’t remember if I did… so here you go…

Next week…

I think my next blog post will be about making yogurt. I’ve made it twice this week and I LOVE IT!

Until then…

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