Homemade Yogurt

Today is the third time I have made yogurt. My first attempt a couple of weeks ago was delicious, but runny. My second attempt, last week was a disaster. I added gelatin as some of the recipes suggested only to end up with gross gelatin lumps that ruined the texture and it was still runny!

I am hopeful that today’s batch will turn out. I used whole milk instead of 2% and added tapioca powder and powdered milk, all the things that I read would make thicker yogurt. I won’t know for another five hours, that’s how long it has to incubate.

What I did today…

Here are the ingredients:

1/2 gallon of whole milk

1/2 cup sugar

1 container plain yogurt

2 tablespoons powered milk

2 tablespoons tapioca powder

1/2 of a vanilla bean

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Here are the steps

1. Prep all the ingredients.

I powdered the tapioca in the blender. The tapioca then goes into the pan with the milk to get heated.

I cut open the vanilla bean and scraped out the insides, then mixed it into the 1/2 cup of sugar. I also added the 2 tablespoons of powered milk to the sugar.

Set the container of store bought plain yoghurt out to warm up a bit.

2. Heat the milk and tapioca in a heavy pan. I used my enameled cast iron Dutch oven.

I stirred constantly to bring the milk to 180 – 183 degrees. I also threw in the empty vanilla bean that I had already scraped the insides out of.

3. When the milk reached 180 – 183 degrees I stirred in the sugar mixture and vanilla extract. This is when I removed the vanilla bean pod. I removed the pan from the heat and set it in the sink that I had filled with cool water.

4. I continued stirring until the temperature dropped to 110 degrees then I stirred a cup of the warm milk mixture into the store bought yogurt and dumped it back into the pan stirring the mixture well.

5. I put the lid on the pan and stuck in in my oven with the pilot light lit. I also read that wrapping a towel around the pot and turning your oven light on will keep it warm enough as well, if you don’t have an oven with a pilot light.

Now to wait six hours for the yogurt to incubate. If everything goes right I should end up with some yummy yogurt ❤️

…and the results are in!

It turned out nice and thick, yay!

I’m calling this batch a win, it is thick and tastes great. Adding the powdered milk changed the texture a little, it’s not quite as smooth, but it is far better than having it runny.

Look how cute and yummy all my little pots of vanilla bean yogurt are…

One final picture, breakfast ❤️

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