Springtime on the road

As many of you know, Ron and I are most often on the road for his work. We would love to be home at Stone Creek Farm, but for now we travel from job to job spending nine months or more at each job. So when spring arrives I do what every gardener does, I plant my garden. One nice thing about this job in New Mexico is that spring has arrived already. I watched my weather app for weeks waiting for the night-time lows to rise above freezing and now I am good to start gardening.

Gathering my supplies


Since we travel back and forth all over the United States constantly I make it a point to collect old buckets and resin type flower pots for my garden on the road. I love terra-cotta pots, but it breaks my heart when they are reduced to shards because of all the bouncing on the road. I have even built wooden boxes for my garden in some of the places we have been, but I have to leave those behind when we leave because we don’t have room to take them with us. Although the neighbor I give it to is usually pretty happy.


This year’s humble beginnings





Final thoughts…

Take it from me… as one who struggles with depression. There is just something in the very act of getting your hands in the dirt and planting a garden that fills you with hope!

I will leave you with Audrey Hepburn’s words

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”




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