Paper Flowers

I recently was able to go to Waco for Joanna Gaines book launch of her new children’s book ” We are the gardeners”. While I was there I noticed paper flowers everywhere! Not only at Magnolia Market, but also at some of the sweet little shops that have popped up in downtown Waco.

Inspiration was everywhere.

One of the little shops, Linen and Cake, had beautiful silk and paper wisteria hanging from branches. It inspired me to go home and make some paper flowers.

Pictures of the process

I used alcohol ink to dye the coffee filters, then rolled them up into tight little balls to dry….

Dried and opened coffee filters. I think they are so pretty.

I plan on making some leaves to go with the flowers and then make a garland out of them. I just haven’t gotten that far yet😉

I did want to share what I have done so far. I’ll post some pictures of the finished garland when I get it done.

Next time I’m home I think I’ll offer a paper flower workshop. They are a lot of fun to make.

I’ll keep you posted…

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