Home, Home on the Farm

Lots of changes

This last month has seen lots of life changes for our family. My dad pasted away on Good Friday. It wasn’t totally unexpected, but still left us all feeling shocked. He was eighty six years old and had heart problems which he had pulled through every other time, but not this time. I guess God was ready for him to go on home.

This is a picture of my mom and dad taken this last August at their sixtieth wedding anniversary. He will be missed.

Other changes…

With the death of my dad, Ron and I felt it was time to be home, closer to our families. We had been talking about it for awhile, but this was the catalyst we needed to pack up from the job in New Mexico and head for home. Now we are trusting God to show us how we can make a living here at home. Stepping out in faith is a scary thing and I’ll have to say that I’m struggling with it… like terrified.

Some options we are kicking around

I’m planning some weekly craft classes that will include pottery, sign painting and paper flowers. Let me know if there are any particular classes you would be interested in. I’m also available to do private group class/parties as well.

Ron has been busy waging war on boulders

We are trying to make room for another storage container that can hold my pottery supplies and also furniture people want to give us for when we get the house built. Ron has found a couple huge boulders that he can’t move with his tractor, but they are in the way and need to come out. He never gives up and always finds a way to get the job done😊

Here is a time lapsed video of one of the boulder.

I’ll try to be better in keeping you up to date.

Until next time…

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