Getting stuff done…

Weed eating…

I’ve been spending a good part of most days with this lovely weed eater😩

I’ve always tried to stay ahead of the weeds when they’re little, but we didn’t get back from New Mexico until the weeds were already waist high… so I weed eat and weed eat…

I finally feel like I’m making headway 🎉

When I’m not weed eating plants I’m planting plants😂

Ron made me a nice little sitting area with some of the boulders he has been finding.

Josie and Dallan asked if I would plant some lambs ears for them. Finding a nursery that had them was a bit of a challenge, but I finally found some along with some lavender and ridged verbena, all favorites from gardens I have had in the past.

Wild flowers

While I’ve been weed eating I have also found some pretty wildflowers 🙌

Here is an arrangement of wildflowers and wild sage that I picked.


I even have a few rose bushes in my garden area by the fifth wheel that are blooming!

All in all…

I’ll have to say that I am enjoying being home! Even with all the weed eating I have to do, I still like being here and seeing the farm starting to shape up😍

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