What!?! It’s been six months?!?!

What have I been doing?

It’s been quite awhile since I have written a blog post, just about six months. The time has flown by since we left pipelining to be home full time.

In that time we have started a handyman business and I have been teaching pottery classes.

Handymaning (as we call it😊)

Fine tuning doors at a magnificent beach house

A boulder (from our property) fountain

A huge, beautiful door Ron built❤️

Our good friend, Sally, got us started with a few well placed social media post!🎉🎉🎉

We have been busy ever since. Currently we are booked about three weeks out!

Ron is loving the variety of work and the challenges that some of the jobs bring. I work with him as his assistant most days.

Pottery Classes

I have been enjoying introducing people to the art of pottery.

I do an introduction to the pottery wheel class and also a pinch pot class.

It has been a lot of fun to see how different each person’s pieces turn out, their personalities totally come through in their pottery ❤️

New life, new challenges

Along with this new life of being home full time comes some challenges that I didn’t expect.

As I have mentioned before I struggle with depression and anxiety. Changes in my “normal ” routine causes me stress, which in turn affects my anxiety and depression in a bad way🤪

I find it very frustrating that being home and pursuing all the good things that God has brought our way has been tainted with the worst depression and anxiety that I have ever experienced.

With the constant urging of my daughter I have finally taken the much need step of going to counseling.

I am hopeful…

Pretty photos from the farm to end with…

Hopefully it won’t be six more months before you hear from me again…😉

1 thought on “What!?! It’s been six months?!?!”

  1. Welcome back to blogland, sis! Thanks for the beautiful photos and inspiring words! God’s got you in the palm of his loving hand!


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