Oil painting ❤️

My attempt at replicating a painting Ron’s great-grandmother did. I’m pretty happy with it as long as I’m not looking at the two paintings side by side😂

Now that the barn/house is done I’ve had a little extra time to pursue my love of painting.

Santa brought me oil paints for Christmas, that’s all it took to fuel the flame.

I have wanted to take lessons forever! I remember thinking that as soon as both of my kids were in school I’d start taking lessons.😂

Well, now all of my grandkids are in school so I figured I’d better stop putting it off.

Letting those 35 years pass by has made taking lessons much more convenient, I can do them all online 😉

If any of you have been putting off pursuing something you love I want to encourage you to just jump in and do it. Don’t wait!

Here are some of the paintings I’ve done. They are all on canvas boards.

I’ll list the price next to the ones that are for sell if any of you are interested 🥰

5×7 Pears and Glass Bottle $25
5×7 Single Pear $25
5×7 Three Pears $25
5×7 Landscape $25
9×12 Lemons $50
This little one I’m keeping. At one point in painting it I was so frustrated and unhappy with it that I was going to toss it. I persevered and eventually it turned out pretty well. It’s a reminder to me not to give up🥰

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my artistic endeavors.

Please pursue some yourself, it’s not too late🥰

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