Willys update

She’s up and running!

I picked Ron up at the airport at about 11am and by 2 pm he had the Willys running. Did I mention that included the hour drive home from the airport?

I think we are going to have a lot of fun with this wagon. However, I think Ron may have forgotten that he bought it for me😉 The four wheel drive even appears to be working !

The grand babies love it too! Papa took them for a quick ride around the property.

Inspiration photo

for restoration

Okay, I realize we have a long ways to go to get my wagon to look like this wagon, but the fun is in the journey, right?

Big news at Stone Creek Farm!

We broke ground!

Today a great group of guys started grading for our house.

It’s pretty exciting to see this kind of progress. We might just get to realize our dreams here on the farm.

Here is a drawing of our house/barn that we plan on building.

They definitely found a few rocks while digging out the house pad.

It seems crazy that in order to make a house pad all the dirt has to be dug out and then put back and packed down. We have mountains of dirt waiting to go back into the pad.

In other news…

My birthday and Ron’s and my 38th anniversary are coming up on Valentine’s Day ❤️

Ron got me an early present for our anniversary/my birthday.

I am now the proud owner of a 1958 Willys Wagon! I’m hoping that at some point in the future I’ll be able to drive it to the farmer’s market filled with flowers and herbs grown here on the farm.

Now, just for pure cuteness 😊

We stopped at the feed store today to get alfalfa pellets for the goats and nearly came home with bunnies. We aren’t quite ready for bunnies yet, but it was sooo tempting ❤️

Until next time….

Yes, I’m still alive…


It’s been awhile since I’ve been here on my blog. Ron and I went home to “The Farm” for Thanksgiving and I got to stay until New Years day🎉

I am a creature who loves routine, as soon as I’m out of my routine I become a scattered mess.🤦‍♀️ Even when it’s something good, like going home for a prolonged visit.

So, that’s the excuse I am going to use for neglecting my blog.

While I was home…

I got to spend time with family while I was home. We hosted a “Cousin Christmas Camp” at the farm. My sister, Trina, is the Greatest! She organized three days of Christmas activities for the grand babies. Only Hunter and Madeline were unable to attend. The age range was one month to eight years old.

The kids had a blast even with one of them having to go get stitches in his hand and the nasty sickness that was going around hitting a few of the attendees.

There were eighteen of us there and five RV’s. A good time was had by most😏

Pottery time…

Since my pottery wheel is here in New Mexico with me, I joined a pottery studio in Ojai while I was home to continue practicing my skills.

I enjoyed meeting other potters and managed to make about twenty pieces.

The pieces in the oddly framed bottom photo didn’t get their final firing done before I had to leave, but my daughter, Kelsey, will pick them up for me when they are done.

Avocado trees…

We planted twenty avocado trees while Ron was home for Christmas. We are pretty excited about them. Not only are they delicious and a good source of income, they will provide some privacy that we lost with the Thomas Fire.

Stone Creek Farm is shaping up!

…and back to New Mexico

I dropped Ron off at the airport on New Year’s Day so he could be back at work on the second of January.

Then I headed to San Diego for a quick visit with our son’s family.

It’s always good to get snuggles in with these sweet babies.

Then it was back on the road to New Mexico. Now I’m trying to settle back into the routine that I have here on the job.

My life is kind of crazy… just about the time I settle into a routine in one place, I move to another place. I think God is trying to teach me to be a bit more flexible and not such a scattered mess😉

Until next time…

Home for the Holidays

Ron and I got to come home for Thanksgiving. We did another “drive home marathon” from New Mexico. It took us about 16 hours to get here, but it’s totally worth it.

Ron flew back to New Mexico on Sunday so he could be back for work on Monday.

I get to stay home at the farm until Christmas…yay!!!

I even went and bought a little tree to make the old fifth wheel look a bit more festive. Oh…. and a sweet little fake fireplace. So cozy😊 I feel like I’m living the life🙌

Time with loved ones…

I’ve got lots of visits planned with friends and family.

I even got to have a sushi date night with my grandson Dallan.

Farm stuff…

Today I meet with the engineer who is doing our grading plan for our house site. We are hoping to get the grading permit soon and hopefully have the grading done by Christmas.

It has been almost a year since we started the permit process with the county of Ventura…🤦‍♀️

Talk about learning patience. Step by step we are getting closer to building our house, but I’ll believe it when I see it😉

Fun stuff..

Today I joined a pottery studio in Ojai. So while I’m home I can go to the studio and use their pottery wheels and supplies. I’m looking forward to learning from the talented people who work there.

I’ll post some pictures if I make anything note worthy 😊👍

Wrap up…

Time for bed, tomorrow I actually have some farm work to do. Some gophers or squirrels chewed through our drip irrigation and tomorrow is the day I try to fix it!

Hopefully you will hear from me again before Christmas. I want to be better about staying in touch.

Until next time….

Visitors from afar

IMG_9629Family stopped by…

This last week my sister, Trina and my brother-in-law, Kevin swung through Carlsbad. They have been traveling through the States and Canada since September 11th. Kevin is newly retired so the two decided on a road trip to celebrate his retirement. They are headed home to California now, but we had a fun couple of days to visit. We had a tea party too!


Trina always makes an effort to come visit me when we are out on a job. We have had a lot of fun over the years. I was so sad and homesick when Ron first started this job, it’s hard leaving friends and family behind, but it’s so fun when they can come for a visit.

That’s funny, looking back at the pictures I’m always on the left. It must be that younger sibling thing… I looked for more pictures from each of the States she has visited me, but couldn’t find all the visits. Boo… We have explored parts of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and now New Mexico.

Thank you Trina and Kevin for making my week. You’re the best!


Stone Creek Farm Progress

First things first!

We now have goats on the farm. We love goats, they are smart, fun and useful little weed eaters.

Kelsey and Sam, our daughter and son-in-law, got them. The grand babies named them Chip and Dip.😂 The goats came from a farm that had them in their petting zoo, so they are super tame and love following Josie and Dallan around. They are the perfect start to our farm❤️

In construction news…

We got our septic permit from the county🎉🎉🎉 and the septic is in and passed inspection!

Now, for the grading permit and the actual building permit.

At least we are moving in the right direction.

Here’s a picture of Josie in front of the hole for the septic tank.

And a picture of Dallan in front of a few rocks that came out of the septic tank hole!

We do have a few rocks on the farm… in case I haven’t mentioned that before.

Meanwhile back in New Mexico

When Ron isn’t at work he can be found in our mobile workshop, AKA box trailer, working on the wood lathe. He is getting pretty good on that thing.

Here’s a few of his creations.

And some sad news…

My FJ Cruiser that miraculously survived the Thomas Fire…

…didn’t fair so well is a collision with a brand new Ford Raptor. Ron was driving home from work in it, both drivers swore they had green lights🤷‍♀️ no one was hurt, but the FJ was totaled.

Sad day, but I’m feeling blessed that no one was hurt.

Concluding thoughts

I almost missed my weekly Wednesday post. It’s amazing how quickly Wednesday comes around each week! It’s almost 10 pm and I’m laying here in bed writing my blog post on my phone with my cat asleep on my chest. That’s some pretty amazing technology! Must go to sleep now, 5:15 am comes pretty early.

Until next week….

A Quick Hello

We are back in New Mexico for Ron’s work. It’s been a pretty productive week in the mobile workshop. The individual cheese board/wine glass holder you see above is something I’ve been wanting to make for a while. Ron cut the planks for me while we were home last week. I’m pretty happy with it and I’m hoping to be able to make some to sell if I can get more wood for them.

Here is a shot of it without the goodies.

Ron worked on a few fun pieces, but his job has picked up and they actually expect him to work now🤦‍♀️

This week Stone Creek Market even made it’s first sale🎉 it was a set of balancing blocks I made.

My plan is to make things while we are out on the job and then have a market day at the farm when we are home.

I also worked on the pottery wheel this week.

All in all it’s been a pretty good week😊